DRIVE LIKE ME…What lane should I be in at stop light?

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Anthony Liebrandt

I am a great driver.   If everyone drove an automobile like me, there would be less road rage, and less stress and angst on individual Americans.  A less stressed commuter would mean a more productive workforce, enhancing the innovation and performance of American companies.    With innovation our economy would soar, normal people would find jobs, smarter people would solve our world problems, cancer would be cured, the ice bergs would not melt protecting habitats for mama polar bears to nurse their cubs.

All of this would occur if people just drove like me.    Here’s today’s tip (consider it an order).

Today’s DRIVE LIKE ME Tip – Always be in the proper lane at the stop light of an intersection

See the attached picture.    The silver car is in front of the orange sports car and it plans on going straight through the intersection as soon as the light turns green.   Is the silver car in the correct lane?

Emphatically, no.

Perhaps the orange sports car wants to turn right, or maybe there is another car not yet seen in this picture that will come up behind the orange car and need to turn right on red.

The correct driving technique is for the silver car, even if it has been driving in the right lane to change to the left (or center lane on three lane roads) when it notices that the light is changing to red.  This doesn’t mean that the silver car should drive in the left lane, in fact it should stay in the right lane if it not maintaining the proper speed, but if it has the ability to get into the left lane at the stop light it should do so.

By blocking the right lane, the silver car has caused unnecessary stress to other drivers.   This may prompt the driver of  the orange sports car to be late for work, making him rush through his tasks at work, causing his manager to give him a failing performance review.   When the wife of the driver of the orange sports car learns of the poor performance review she has second thoughts on whether she should go forward with her breast enhancement surgery, causing a loss of revenue for the plastic surgery industry, and a fall off in the economy.

The other alternative to good intersection execution is for American society to embrace European like round-abouts (and listen up Wisconsin don’t think I haven’t noticed that you are trying to go that way) but, that seems like a threat to our very way of life.   So for now, please follow this DRIVE LIKE ME tip.    We’ll see you at the next intersection.

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