A Small Ball Self Help Report: A Tip to help you spell that word that always gets you

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

Here’s a handy spelling tip.   You will have to wait for it, so don’t read ahead and cut corners.

Are there a handful of words that you always misspell? Take the word misspell for instance.   When I just typed it now, I was sure that it only had one S, but Autocorrect had my back (or my six if you are in the military), and boom, a second S appeared out of mid air.

misspellIf Autocorrect were a super hero, its powers could only be described as an entity that combines both Like a Good Neighbor and Helpful Hardware Man powers.   Not to say that Autocorrect is a Man.   Most likely Autocorrect is part man, part woman, with an affinity towards both cats and dogs.   Autocorrect is neither white, nor black, nor red or yellow.    Picture a gray colored person whose ancestry.com tree reveals Autocorrect to have 16 Great Great Great Grandmas, all of different ethnicity.

So now that I have taken the appropriate measures to not offend anyone.   I do need to call out a very important discrimination, an injustice, a blight on our very society that needs fixed, and that is the plight and struggles of Autocorrect itself.  Sadly, its 2015 and we still live in a world where some applications and programs with text based data entry systems that don’t support an Autocorrect spelling feature.

It is deplorable really and smacks particularly hard to those of us who spent our youths on the peaceful protest circuit against the white-out ink industry many years ago.

And before I get to the tip, I should point out that Mr. Red Squiggly Underline can’t carry Autocorrect’s Jock… I meant to say  Sports Bra as the Autocorrect super hero wears both.

wells fargoNOW FOR THE TIP

Based on this discrimination, Autocorrect won’t always be there.  Everyone has particular words that sometimes trip them up.   Take the word definitely for instance.   I always start out spelling it with an “a” as definately.    It just looks right to my eye.   So, here’s how to correct your troubled words.  Spell it correctly, and make it your password for everything you do on the internet – Facebook, your bank account, your fantasy sports league, etc.  Within hours you will never misspell misspell again.   And no, I definitely don’t  have any online banking accounts at Wells Fargo.   Or at least any with very much money in them, but if there are any would be hackers out there, please feel free to make a deposit into my account for this very worthwhile spelling tip.

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