Conservatism out. Liberalism out. Blowhard Punditism alive and well.

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

If reading the headlines or watching the nightly news were any indication, last month signaled the end of Conservatism.  The dastardly planned government shuttering was bound to cause a sweeping backlash for the Republicans that orchestrated it.  They would pay their political comeuppance.   They were finished, and likely to be bloodied to a pulp like a Bearing Sea baby harp seal after a crippling civil war within the party that would cause a sweeping takeover of the House in next year’s midterms.  The previously gavel callused hands of Nancy Pelosi would soon regain its grip.

Or, perhaps in the words of the not so great Coach, but definitively entertaining post coaching career College Football talking head Lee Corso:

Lee Corso questions the End of Conservatism.   And, Alabama is good at football apparently.

Lee Corso questions the End of Conservatism. Coincidentally, Alabama also is really good at football.

Not so fast!

With an equally great bewilderment now the signals emanating from the punditry is that Liberalism as we know it will soon vanish.  Obamacare’s shoddy roll out and false promises being the culprit.   The backlash of his brazen Affordable Care Act overreach will finally be the straw that breaks the Donkey’s back.  It was one step to far in the expansion of government’s role in our lives and those Democrats that supported it would be swept from their swing state Senate perches like the Spotted Owl reminiscing for his favorite Douglas Fir.

The Small Ball Report has a prediction just in from the Prognostication Desk:  Neither prediction is true, or in any case, permanently true beyond the prism of the next news cycle, or election cycle, or how long is left on the spin cycle on my Sunday clothes that are in the dryer?

And further, the Small Ball Report also has one tiny request of the pundits:  stop making silly sweeping predictive statements based on your political wishes.   For every left leaning pundit that predicts the end of the right on MSNBC, their is a conservative on Fox that just knows that this is it for the progressives.    What would be simpler is if we could just muzzle the talking heads, maybe double bag the ugly ones that should still be on radio and dismiss it as folks just eating up airtime or trying to hit the  magical word count on their blog.

The President at work on the Affordable Care Act. Besieged by more second term scandals, sources are reporting that Obama didn’t rake the sand trap.

The political tapestry in today’s America is not something where one side will permanently gain a foothold and trounce the other side.  History has proven that both sides are entirely capable of gaining power, reading the tea leaves incorrectly, and screwing things up so badly that ultimately the other side will regain their footholds.   That is the nature of things, much like when the football defense catches up to the latest new-fangled Wildcat offense.

Now it probably is true that since Democrats have won the popular votes in 5 of the last 6 Presidential elections that there is a demographic shift at play.   The Elephant in the Room is not Chris Christie’s mug on Time Magazine, but how do the Republicans deal with a shift where more minorities, more broadening income gaps mean government needs to do different things for different people.   If Obama is paying for your cell phone its hard to compete with that.

The Right might have some help though with the Affordable Care Act.  When given the chance with both houses of Congress, a once in a generation filibuster proof 60 votes in the Senate and the Oval Office, the Democrats gave us legislation that forsakes its name – Affordable.  On what planet will it really be Affordable?

Sure Obama lied about people being able to keep their insurance and the spinsters are doing their best jujitsu with that fabrication.   After all, so many of those people with their Clunker plans were victims of the Predatory Insurance Industry that preyed on unsuspecting consumers that were too worried about their arthritis flareups when they should have laid awake at night wondering how to get a free breast pump.  Or so they would have you believe.

But the biggest lie is retold every day of the week – affordability.   Obama claimed that for most people, the Affordable Care Act would mean that premiums would go down by $2500 per year.   Its questionable on what planet you are on where the premiums will go down by that much.   Most plans have already spiked at passage, they will spike again when the full employer market comes on board next year.   Perhaps the recent Mars Mission will find not only an intelligent life form on the red planet, but also one that is saving $2500 on their premiums.   If they also have lower copays and deductibles than fire up the space ships.

No the Affordable Care Act when fully implemented won’t be affordable to almost anyone.   Once the current website malfunctions are all patched with new code and refreshed during the next pre-scheduled server upgrades, people will finally get enrolled and get their new Obamacare ID Cards (probably with his picture on the card as that would be so like him),  But, than it will be on to the next phase of the rollout – when the payment systems don’t work and the only doctor you can pick in your network is Patch Adams because ever since Doogie Howser got laid he has gotten too big time for you.   Unless you have one of those Cadillac Plans.

The popular coinage of the time is the Death Spiral.  Its not quite as popular as What did the Fox Say?, but in our sloganed-up culture that is what we are left with, the Death Spiral as that is what Obamacare may be headed toward, and with it Obama himself, politically speaking.  Not that it will matter to him, as he has no more elections and is just biding his time until his post presidency wealth building years.   He won’t need Tony Rezko in a few years to help him buy his next half priced mansion.

But the progressives are far from done, they will have a bench.   Hillary is there after all, ready to make history for the ladies.   Ready to win the War on Women.   But long live the pundits they’ll keep predicting things that every political die has been cast for all time.

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