Welcome to the Small Ball Report

We are glad you found us. 

If you just googled for coaching strategies on how to help Little Leaguers manufacture runs with a well timed slap single, a bunt, a stolen base, a hit and run, and a run scoring sac-fly… well, than you are just plain crazy, that’s impossible.   It would be a lot easier to find a big bopping kid named Armando from Puerto Rico who may or may not still be age 12 because mom can’t produce a birth certificate, and then watch the cyclopian slugger hit a rope over the left fielders head.

Instead, the Small Ball Report has a simple formula.  Bring exciting, original content, and a special brand of commentary and storytelling to the blogosphere a few times a week.

Insightful commentary like the following:

On GM:   “The GMC/Chevy truck is so popular that Steve Jobs is kicking himself for creating the iPod and not the decal of Calvin relieving himself on a Ford” 

On the American Spirit:  “When the American runs, swims and skates to victory it is like our own brother or sister is the victor.   We will even look the other way if there may be a rumor that our hero used a corked bat, or a helpful hormonal shot, or had a dirt bag friend club her rivals left knee cap.”

On the lost history of flappers:   “…the first known female to dance-step the Charleston in my hometown did it to woo males into letting her cut in a 1930s soup line. …It worked by the way” 

Please check us out, comment, and send a link to a friend.     

Anthony Liebrandt

Vice President & General Manager of Small Ball Report, LLC.

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