Welcome Small Ball Saturday readers!!!!

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Media Frenzy
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newspaper3THE SMALL BALL REPORT welcomes the former readers of Small Ball Saturday by Anthony Liebrandt. 

We approached Anthony Liebrandt three weeks ago with a buyout offer after his stunning newsbreak of a Scary Ice Cream Man on the loose terrorizing young children in his suburban Chicago neighborhood.   This was exactly the kind of news our readers had been clamoring for.    …And speaking of clamoring.   The fact that Anthony Liebrandt’s compelling lifestory began in a town infested by smelly, mollusky clams all but sealed the deal.   We knew we had to act quickly before the other big dot-coms beat us to it.    As it turned out operatives from the Huffington Post and the Drudge Report were both waiting in the lobby as we were consumating the transaction last evening.

There will be a minimal reduction in workforce as workers at Small Ball Saturday have agreed to be interviewed for the few open positions that are available at the THE SMALL BALL REPORT.   This is also corporate code for they should expect a pink slip as soon as we have been shown how they were doing the financials as we don’t want to run into a Sarbanes Oxley situation.    Some attrition is expected.   We hear that beat reporter Trash Toter will likely find a role outside the company (We can only hope). 

Thank you for finding your way over to smallballreport.com.

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