Polanski blames To Catch a Predator for Society’s hardened views… …on being a Predator

Posted: September 29, 2009 in People We Might Want to Waterboard

In an incredible series of events, Roman Polanski spilled his margarita and tripped over patio furniture as he fled from Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC’s To Catch a Predator.   He became yet another victim of NBC’s trickery as they dupe the unknowing Predator into pouring himself a cocktail while the lady with the iCarly school girl voice in the next room yells out, “Make your self comfortable, I’ll be right out.”

Chirs Hansen of NBC Dateline's To Catch a Predator enjoying a cold margarita with a Predator.   Once they get a few minutes of footage there will 12 cops pinning this guys hands behind his back.

Chirs Hansen of Dateline NBC enjoying a cold margarita with a Predator. Once they get a few minutes of footage there will be 12 cops pinning this guys hands behind his back.

The Dateline NBC staple then features the Predator in Headlights look when – instead of the teeny bopper popping her head around the corner – there is the ever smug arrival of Chris Hansen with his “What are you REALLY here for, you’re here for sex aren’t you” interrogation.

The rouge works every time and Polanski should have known better, especially after that “large misunderstanding” that he had 30 years ago at Jack Nicholson’s house during his youthful mid 40s when he accidentally gave a 13 year old girl the wrong dosage of Quaalude and Champagne.  The 1977 episode was a real bummer for Polanski, the Chinatown Director, and it took a toll on his choice of movie sets.   Pleading guilty to the rape charges was a real pain in the ass and fleeing in the dark of Hollywood night was not ideal, but he would not let it get him down.   Instead, he decided to get away to Paris to blow off steam and scout out movie locations across France.  

His hard work and determination would pay off as movie audiences adored Natassja Kinski milking her English Dairy Farm cows in 1979’s Tess.   Polanski must have chuckled to himself as unsuspecting audiences had no idea that the scenes were shot from France, not the authoritarian pre-Lockerbie era UK regime which would have hassled him with a US extradition had he set foot on the English Island. 

Back in France he would have a wonderful canvas of French country sides and Parisian street for him to shoot his art, but Polanski’s real challenge was the dwindling choice of movie scripts to appeal to the American audience.    Undaunted, Polanski helped pen the 1988 Frantic, the story of – wait for it, wait for it – an American doctor visiting Paris, only to discover that his wife picked up the wrong nuclear bomb igniting suitcase at the airport.  Harrison Ford, having played the exact same role in a dozen other movies with different titles happily played the lead role.  

Roman Polanski circa 1977 Predator look.

Roman Polanski circa 1977 Predator look.

Polanski would have to thank his old friend again in 2002, when there was a mixup on which night the folks at the Academy Awards were handing out the Oscars.    Polanski must have had the wrong night in his Franklin Planner because when Ford read his name as Best Director winner for The Pianist, Polanski was no where to be found.   The Director must have been relieved to catch the telecast via satelite, though, and see that based on the lengthy ovation that the rest of Hollywood didn’t have any values, either.    And good old Harrison Ford would later personally deliver the Oscar to his old friend.   

Being a Predator in current day America is a very traumatic experience.   Chris Hansen humiliates you on TV.  You go to jail for several years to do hard time.   You get released, and you can’t live in certain places.   When you move into a new neighborhood the cops knock on your neighbors door asking them to be careful not to send a housewarming apple pie over to the new Predator living in that green house on the corner. 

One can only hope that this will not now be the fate of the great Roman Polanski.  We should thank Roman Polanski for escaping his 1977 encarceration, otherwise we would have never been blessed to see his great movies produced while under French protection.     Hopefully he continues to have the support of his many Hollywood friends to help him get through this difficult time.

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