Grey’s Anatomy extra files grievance for not getting voiceover in Premier Episode

Posted: September 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Charles Barrett, an extra wearing a white doctor coat on Grey’s Anatomy has filed a grievance with the Screen Actor’s Guild, he was the only actor on the Grey’s studio lot to not do one of those touchy-feely voiceovers in the opening episode.  

The coveted Grey voiceover is the narrated life lesson snippet at the beginning and end of each episode.   It is like the takeoff and landing for the viewer, serving as an introduction, and then a review of what happened.   These bookended narrations were once the exclusive role of lead character Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo).   However, early on the hit ABC show discovered that the Grey character was often pouty and whined endless dribble about father abandonment, an overbearing mother, and her on again/off again/on again/what’s the script say this week/quest to shag McDreamy.       

Charles Barrett (far left in doctors coat) with his meaningful role in the Season Premier of Grey's Anatamy.    The was he struck a posed for a third of a second should have been rewarded with a voiceover line.    Maybe he could have lamented about Bus Safety.

Charles Barrett (far left in doctors coat) strikes a meaningful pose as an extra in the Season Premier of Grey's Anatamy. Writers slighted his stoic half second effort and refused to give him a voiceover line in last nights seasons premier.

And so the show branched out and taught us new life lessons from the voices of Yang, O’Malley, and Izzie Stevens, as well as that ghost that was following Izzie around for an entire season.

The writers had a tough decision to make for the Season Six premier:  Who would do the voiceover?   It was made difficult by the realistic portrayal of O’Malley’s demise, where he succumbed to that American epidemic and now the 46,084th cause of death – man gets run over by bus and dragged liked OJ’s Nordberg character in the Naked Gun.    Who had the right moxie for the voiceover?  

The writer’s decision to let every bit character who ever scrubbed into the Seattle Grace operation room share the voiceover role has likely landed them in a big mess with the SAG.   The lack of sensitivies for leaving out Charles Barrett will likely sting the show with viewers.  

He was an important part of the show as he deftly positions his left hand behind his back and stands still while Yang and that doctor that gets laid a lot gallop past with beeping pagers.   Though an Emmy bid for Barrett seems unlikely, slighting him and not unmasking his feelings over O’Malley’s loss leave a gaping hole in this seasons narrative.

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